Do you want to start your career as a Freelancer or Business owner or startup owner to become Online Entrepreneur by Learning "Digital marketing" Skills or want to become a "Data Scientist" by learning data Science !!!

2022 is a year booming with Artificial Intelligence and technological innovations. Manually done jobs would be slowly reaching automation. There will be more machines which can perform well than any human. In this era where machines are assigned to routine jobs, humans lag behind in securing their current jobs. Then how to protect our job stability in this prevailing pandemic situations?

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Many graduates dilemma starts from here.....

Job Or business? or can we do both ?

After graduation, many are unemployed, except those few who selected in campus placement and those who already had their own family business to take care. The rest have to start their journey again for career settlement. Blessed are the ones who can hold on to some line to settle quickly into a career for atleast upto few years.

Then you can think about the remaining people who may take years or a lifetime to settle or juggling between careers to struggle. The latter is better than the formal as because something is better than nothing.

Many career aspirants pursue higher studies, thinking it can fetch them good authoritative job and income that is a dream for every college pass-out. But how many are succeeding ? Research google and know the facts will make you mad.

The process repeats generations and how the current unemployment rate also increasing……

What if as a mentor i say that...........
A bit of entrepreneurship skills and Online skills can be perfect to start your career by identifiying your passion!

How to solve our own unemployment problem? How can we survive  till we settle into our dream job?

These questions ponder us many times.. but the solution lies in investing our knowledge passionately in a project as a side hustle till it becomes main project.

As a digital marketing and a data science mentor for my students and as an entrepreneurship mentee for my seniors from whom im learning every day, I have seen the both sides of the coin.

A blend of both with our unique skills can make you withstand in the market

About the company

We are an Edtech company called “Digitalmanju Pvt Ltd” incorporated to empower women, students and unemployed and simultaneously helping small and medium business owners to bring a stable platform of digitalization of businesses by creating needed skilled people by our Training programs in digital marketing and also providing training in  Data science which helps in solving employment problem and creating wealth generation.


It is a great privilege to show you that the adjacent column is a recognition and proof of evidence which we got from DPIIT to our company as a startup.


Proud moment of becoming an alumnus of IIM (Indian Institute of Management), Kashipur, Uttarakhand.

Digitalmanju Pvt Ltd is an Edtech startup company incubated by IIM, kashipur. The founders have been intensely training under experienced Mentors who are from reputed institutes like IIM, kashipur, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow, etc. Women empowerment, and solving youth unemployment problem are the main visions for the company by offering quality oriented Training in affordable cost. The below certificates are the proof that prestigious IIM incubated  for supporting the company’s vision and goal.

So far, the organization has trained 70 + candidates who established their businesses and few are working as Freelancers and part-timers in their free time. Our company also hires from our student community who learned the course from us.


Know what our students are saying about our course......

Data Science Course - AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Data science is not a new subject, it has evolved already when statistics was started for implementation.

It has now mixed with other sciences like mathematics, computer science and other domain and evolved into a high standard subject called artificial intelligence .

Now we are teaching this as a course which includes Phyton programming and some algorithms.

Best datascience training in India

Level-1 data science Course

Rs. 5999/-

'R' studio

Rs. 5999/-

Level-2 Advanced datascience Course

Rs. 5999/-

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Anyone who is interested and have the mindset to learn technical aspects can learn this course.

You learn this course  online through zoom sessions. weekly 2 to 4 hrs  depending upon course selected.

No pre-coding skills required for learning Machine learning and datascience

We advise you to concentrate one course at a time and focus on it until you become comfortable in implementing it without trainers assistance

Call or whatsapp us, if you  have such problems.

The trainer will teach you online  and recorded sessions will be given for rivision which is valid only for 3 months

Digital Marketing

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Anyone with Laptop and internet connection with little English writing skills can takeup this course.

Course will be taught Online in zoom and recordings will be shared after the course. It will be available for 3 months. Once we receive payment  we will conatct you for scheduling live classes

Though we can teach course in English,telugu and in kannada at present, we prefer to takeup in English language.

Yes, if you want to complete the course for some job requirement, you can do so

Consult our executive  or whatsapp our number or mail us.. we will contact you as soon as possible.

In online we share screen and share the recordings to do it practically after the class. So that students will learn better.